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The variety of products of presently offered automation systems makes the market confusing and complicates the comparison between between product benefits and costs.


A precisely application specific related product support and selection is therefore crucial for the smooth functioning of the system to be automated. Under optimal consultation, we understand first and foremost vendor independence.


This applies to all major systems and components; for identifying those to use automation and control systems, the software platform, the operating system, for the switching equipment selection and housing design with cooling, also the peripherals are included in the analysis.

PLANER Systemtechnik
PLANER Systemtechnik

Apprentices taken


Long-term employees retired


PLANER Systemtechnik supports the local church for the purchase of a new trailer


The apprentices take a trip to the open days at the Industrial Park Höchst


PLANER Systemtechnik has two new apprentices since that year of apprenticeship


The PST Racing Team participated at 20./21. August in the 24h cycle race "Rad am Ring"


PLANER Systemtechnik is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified


WEB Cam based cabinet FAT at PLANER Systemtechnik


PLANER Systemtechnik established a MountainbikeTeam „PST Racing Team


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