Formation of the consulting engineers IVG in Brühl with focus point an drive technology and development.

3 employees




Movin to Troisdorf-Mitte

600m² of office and production space

Formation of the PLANER Steuerungsbau

Manufacturing of the cabinets and Planning Department

5-15 employees




Moving to Troisdorf-Oberlar

ca. 2.000m² of office and production space

15-35 employees




Fusion of IVG und PLANER Steuerungsbau to PLANER Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG




Moving to Troisdorf-Spich

ca. 600m² of office and 3.250m² production space

currently 60 employees




Bernd Planer hands over the company management to his son Marco Planer

  • IVG
  • IVG - Obergeschoss
PLANER Steuerungsbau
Planer Systemtechni
PLANER Systemtechnik
PLANER Systemtechnik

Apprentices taken


Long-term employees retired


PLANER Systemtechnik supports the local church for the purchase of a new trailer


The apprentices take a trip to the open days at the Industrial Park Höchst


PLANER Systemtechnik has two new apprentices since that year of apprenticeship


The PST Racing Team participated at 20./21. August in the 24h cycle race "Rad am Ring"


PLANER Systemtechnik is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified


WEB Cam based cabinet FAT at PLANER Systemtechnik


PLANER Systemtechnik established a MountainbikeTeam „PST Racing Team


PLANER Systemtechnik
GmbH & Co. KG
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D-53842 Troisdorf

Post-office box 32 13 | D-53832 Troisdorf
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