Technicians work at PLANER Systemtechnik

Picture 1
Daniel Gusowski, Sabine Habeth
Picture 2
Serge Peters



The company PLANER Systemtechnik supports it's employee Mrs. Sabine Habeth and two classmates of School of Electrical Engineering Hennef on her thesis to the successful completion of the "certified technician". The project team are Mr. Daniel Gusowski and Mrs. Sabine Habeth, shown on picture 1 - and Mr. Serge Peters on picture 2.


In the 6th semester of engineerung school, the students hab to perform a challeging project-work, where they focused on process automation.



Picture 3
Project presentation on April 30, 2012th

The project focused on the development of a test stand to minimize the testing time and simplify the debugging of the production of standard cabinets. The objective was to develop a fully automated cycle control that is user friendly to implement via a touch panel. Through this automation, test times - that can be up to two hours - are reduced to a quarter of an hour.


The aim of the task was, after a period of two semesters,to present the project results in front of the class "TE9W" and the audit committee, represented by Mr. Kampen. During this period had been 900 hours of development work which had to complete the project team at their leisure.

Picture 5
64 Bit Input-/Output Cards
Test blocks with spring pins



To automate the above process, a sequencer, programmed with "SIMATIC STEP 7", was realized in 762 networks - which in turn issued to 512 inputs / outputs of a PLC or read.





The signals from the PLC to be given over to self-developed probes that can adapt terminal blocks with only one handle 378 terminals.

Picture 5
Touchpanel with error output window


The visualization program was developed with "WinCCflexible". The touch panel allows the operator, who needs no previous knowledge, to perform with all the details of the test. This is enabled by 568-scale images. After the automatic testing of the operator, proof may be printed, providing a detailed description of the tested steps. This test report is sent via the touch panel on the integrated printer and serves as evidence of the tested functions.

Picture 6
Mrs. Habeth with the finished test stand

The test stand is able to detect faults in the wiring independently and shows the operator the exact fault location. (Picture 6 shows a localized error)




Finally we would like to thank the project team and are proud of the final result!


Apprentices taken


Long-term employees retired


PLANER Systemtechnik supports the local church for the purchase of a new trailer


The apprentices take a trip to the open days at the Industrial Park Höchst


PLANER Systemtechnik has two new apprentices since that year of apprenticeship


The PST Racing Team participated at 20./21. August in the 24h cycle race "Rad am Ring"


PLANER Systemtechnik is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified


WEB Cam based cabinet FAT at PLANER Systemtechnik


PLANER Systemtechnik established a MountainbikeTeam „PST Racing Team


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