WEB Cam based cabinet-purchase and -control at the PLANER Systemtechnik


PLANER Systemtechnik has installed a web cam for the customers to control and approve the cabinets. This web cam allows a visual inspection of the cabinet during and after production.


The camera is put into operation, if necessary and positioned in front of the appropriate cabinet. With the help of an Internet-based viewer and after release it is possible for the customer, from anywhere in the world to check the cabinet.


This leads to cost reductions through quick resolution of any problems and in the cabinet design. Customers can also check out the cabinet visually by his desk and possibly approve.

More information on Team Viewer can be found at downloads.

Apprentices taken


Long-term employees retired


PLANER Systemtechnik supports the local church for the purchase of a new trailer


The apprentices take a trip to the open days at the Industrial Park Höchst


PLANER Systemtechnik has two new apprentices since that year of apprenticeship


The PST Racing Team participated at 20./21. August in the 24h cycle race "Rad am Ring"


PLANER Systemtechnik is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified


WEB Cam based cabinet FAT at PLANER Systemtechnik


PLANER Systemtechnik established a MountainbikeTeam „PST Racing Team


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